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Zionism and the Holocaust

 By Mr Chicken.

Zionism is a major strand of the Elite control structure imposed upon this entire planet.  It is an undeniable fact that most large organisations are controlled and run by Zionists, primarily Jews.  Zionist Jews have an almost absolute monopoly in the media in all its forms and also in the entertainment industry, from Hollywood to the major recording labels etc. plus finance and banking.

“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel.  We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”  Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, 3rd October 2001.

“You know very well and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House.  You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable.  What can they [Americans] do to us?  We control Congress, we control the media, we control showbiz and we control everything in America.  In America you can criticise God, but you can’t criticise Israel…”  Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache.


“These are the facts of Jewish media control in America.  Anyone willing to spend several hours in a large library can verify their accuracy.  I hope that these facts are disturbing to you, to say the least.  Should any minority be allowed to wield such awesome power? Certainly not and allowing a people with beliefs such as expressed in the Talmud, to determine what we get to read or watch in effect gives this small minority the power to mould our minds to suit their own Talmudic interests.  Interests, which as we have demonstrated are diametrically opposed to the interests of our people.  By permitting the Jews to control our news and entertainment media, we are doing more than merely giving them a decisive influence on our political system and virtual control of our government; we also are giving them control of the minds and souls of our children, whose attitudes and ideas are shaped more by Jewish television and Jewish films than by their parents, their schools, or any other influence.”  Pakalert Press, 2011.

“Goebbels was somewhat of a prophet pariah, he understood organized Jewry like few Americans do today, he understood that their collective calls of anti-Semitism directed at the Nazi leadership and indeed the German people themselves was a technique they had successfully used, even perfected, in order to advance their interests while at the same time suppressing any dissent from the gentile majority.  We see this same technique at work today, all around the world, anytime anyone honestly divulges the actions of a Jew in some crime; they are immediately smeared with the label of ‘anti-Semitism’.”  Curt Maynard, researcher.

This ‘label’ of ‘anti-Semitism’ is actually utterly meaningless, yet it has been hijacked by a small group of people to inhibit you (and indeed everyone) from criticising their actions.  To fully comprehend this point, it is firstly necessary for me to define three commonly misunderstood or even possibly unfamiliar terms.

Judaism – The Jewish religion.  Jews can be split into two distinct sub-groups, Ashkenazi (Khazarian) Jews who comprise by far the majority (over 90%) and Sephardic Jews.  These two sub-groups are racially as different as chalk and cheese and so, despite what you may believe or more accurately have been urged to believe; Judaism is a ‘religion’ and not a ‘race’.  In fact many people of Jewish background and parentage are not even religious and so their being described as ‘Jews’ is actually erroneous.

Zionism – a political movement that was originally established to lobby for a Jewish homeland and now exists to promote the superiority of Israel above all other countries, with the ultimate goal of a one-world government based in Tel Aviv.  Zionism is comprised primarily of Jewish people, but many non-Jews are Zionists and indeed many Jews are anti-Zionist.

Semitism – Not the state of being Jewish as is generally believed and promoted by Zionism for its own ends but simply the racial group to which inhabitants of a small area of the Middle East belong.  Semites may be Sephardic Jews or they may be Arabs, there is no racial difference between the two.  However Ashkenazi Jews, despite their loud and raucous protestations to the contrary are definitely not Semitic.

“… it is important that you understand what Zionism really is.  Zionist propaganda has led the American people to believe that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same and that they are religious in nature.  This is a blatant lie”.  Jack Bernstein, assassinated by the Mossad.

“The meaning of the term ‘anti-semite’ has significantly changed in recent years.  There was a time when this term referred to those who despised Jews.  Later, the term referred to those who promoted myths about a global Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.  Today the term ‘anti-semite’ is used by the ruling elite to lambast human rights activists who advocate equal rights between Jews, Christians and Muslims, the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and the vision of a common, democratic state for both Palestinians and Israelis.  The word ‘anti-semite’, which initially conveyed a negative and even sinister meaning, refers now to positive and highly commendable attitudes that can be carried with honour.  One may lament this change of meaning, but one should remember that a word does not carry any particular meaning.  It is merely a conventional symbol that refers to external contents.  By convention, society could agree to name animosity towards Jews ‘xakaculca’, democracy ‘zbzb’ and elephants ‘democracy’.   Inasmuch as the term ‘anti-semite’ now refers to human rights advocates and radical democrats, I declare myself a radical anti-semite.”  Elias Davidsson, June 2011.

“Zionists from the beginning welcomed anti-Semitism as a means of undermining what Zionists believed was the sense of false security of Jews in western, liberal societies, and as the means by which Jews would be kept in a permanent state of neurosis.  Large and powerful organizations such as the US-based Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith exist mainly for the purpose of exaggerating the extent of anti-Semitism in order to keep Jews under the Zionist heel and keep Israeli coffers filled.”  Rabbi Silverstein, ‘The Lies of Zionism’.

“Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.”  Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism in the 19th century.

It is important here to make the point that Zionists are not the friends of the Jews in any way despite what many Jews believe.  Jews worldwide have been and continue to be used, often unknowingly in the Zionists plotting and scheming for world domination.

Ashkenazi Jews originated from the plains of South-Eastern Europe / Western Asia and were originally a large nomadic tribe, the Khazars, who inhabited these regions in the Dark and early Middle Ages.  They converted en-masse to Judaism, not through faith but simply in order to bring respectability to their previously god-less reputations when integration with other societies became necessary, more than a thousand years ago.  This was the group of ‘Jews’ who were discriminated against for centuries and expelled from many European nations for their usury, anti-social practices and their own discriminatory practices against non-Jews.  I repeat that these people had no racial or genetic ties to the ‘Holy Land’ whatsoever and so the oft-repeated cries for a Jewish state in their ancestral ‘homeland’ in the early to mid-twentieth century, was simply Zionist propaganda and deception.  Sephardic Jews however, are native to the Holy Land or Palestine and were the original biblical Jews.

So, in effect the Zionists have deliberately blurred the boundaries, between race, religion and politics to prevent criticism of their actions.  They have hi-jacked the term ‘anti-Semitism’, strictly speaking an accusation of racism and managed over time to associate this with discrimination against Jews in general by deceitful social engineering, whilst also turning the distinction between ‘Jewish’ and ‘Zionist’ into a grey area, to the same effect.  How have they achieved this?  Their almost total control of banking, media and the entertainment industries makes this task fairly straightforward via their vast propaganda machine.  Many Hollywood movies subtly promote the superiority of the Jews and the weakness and immorality of non-Jews.  Anyone who criticises or stands up to them in any way is subtly and sometimes unfortunately, not so subtly, destroyed.  At the very least their detractors are accused of being, shock-horror, anti-Semitic with all the attendant stigma this terminology carries.  Anti-Semitism is closely related and linked to Nazism in the minds of most people today.  The immense power of propaganda, social engineering and mind control should be underestimated only at one’s peril.

“We must distinguish between political and racial anti-Semitism.  It’s obvious that organized Jewry has a political program synonymous with the Rothschild satanic world government agenda.”  Henry Makow, Jewish-born researcher and author of ‘A Cruel Hoax’.

Think about this for a moment.  Political criticism is valid today (at least for now anyway) whilst racial criticism (racism) is totally frowned upon and even legislated against.  In making their cause a racial rather than a political one by rendering the two distinctly separate terms ‘Jewish’ and ‘Zionist’ interchangeable, they have succeeded in duping the world and protecting their own insidious views and actions from any form of censure on pain of being branded by them as an anti-Semite and therefore by implication, a Nazi sympathiser.

So, an ‘anti-Semite’ strictly speaking, by definition is someone who discriminates against people of the area known as the ‘Holy Land’, Palestinian Arabs and Sephardic Jew alike and not simply someone who is a ‘Jew-hater’ as it has been engineered to be construed.

Personally speaking, I am not anti-Semitic (or anti-Jewish, to be clear).  Jews have been duped and suffered at the hands of these wolves in sheep’s clothing more than any other group and in many ways still are.  I believe strongly in the freedom of all to do as they choose as long as it harms no-one, but I am definitely anti-Zionist politically, as their actions and beliefs are calculated to cause maximum harm to those who do not share their fascist, racist views.  However, the views expounded herein will no doubt have me labelled as anti-Semitic by the Zionist attack-dogs.  If anti-Semitism did not exist, the Zionists would have to invent it.  Actually, they already have done so.

Of course there are anti-Jewish people in the world (anti-Semites if you will).  To deny that fact would be ridiculous.  But there are also anti-British, anti-American, anti-Muslim and anti-almost-anything-you-can-name elements abounding throughout the world today, too.  However, in my view it is highly significant that to be anti-anything-else does not carry the same stigma as being ‘anti-Semitic’.  This has been successfully inured into our culture to become a heinous act far more serious than any other form of prejudice.

But the Zionists are not content with merely labelling you or I as a ‘Nazi’ for any criticism, overt or implied, of their actions and policies.  No, by using their enormous influence over western societies and governments alike it has now actually become illegal not just to deny that the holocaust of WWII took place but to even question their sacred number of 6 million dead.  Yes you did read that correctly, it is illegal in the Zionist-controlled EU where communitarian European law now trumps that of each individual nation, Canada, USA and Australia / New Zealand (amongst other places) to question the myths and legends of the holocaust on pain of a mandatory prison sentence.  Although you could not actually be prosecuted in the UK for holocaust denial, a UK citizen can certainly be extradited to Germany to face charges even if the ‘offence’ was committed for example, in England.

Please now think a moment on this point; if anything is the truth, why would it need to be protected by law?  If something, anything is the truth then it is surely a simple matter to prove it, is it not?  If this is not the case, then the question needs to be asked why this course is not taken rather than passing laws to protect a point of view.

Is it illegal to question or criticise any aspect of Christianity or Muslim culture?  Is it illegal to question the numbers of American dead in Vietnam or the numbers of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan or even the victims of 9/11 for example?  Is it actually specifically illegal to simply question anything else at all?  You may well be unjustly criticised by your masters and even your peers for having the sheer audacity to question Government-supplied figures, but illegal?  The spirit of ‘1984’ and the ‘thought-police’ is alive and well.

“You can tell if something’s the truth or not by this one criterion.  If they pass a law that says you have to believe a certain story in a certain way, you can be certain that that certain story they’re trying to get you to believe is a lie.”   John Kaminski, researcher, ‘A Certain Truth’, 28th January 2011.

“What sort of truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?”   John Swinton, editor New York Times, 1863.

“What they did with their holocaust laws was to make the questioning of their version of what happened during ‘the war’ sacrosanct and undeniable.  What this means is that it doesn’t matter how many irrefutable facts you may have, the law says you can’t question, period.  This fact escapes many people.  You are not allowed to mount a defence and it is inadmissible in any and all cases.”  Les Visible, researcher, April 2011.

Stifling open discussion and debate also does a gross injustice to the other, many non-Jewish victims of the Nazi concentration camps; the Romany people, black people, Polish and Russian soldiers and citizens, Jehovah’s Witnesses, assorted political prisoners, homosexuals and the mentally and physically disabled.  It marginalises the slave labourers starved, beaten and worked to death in German war industries and the horrors suffered by anyone expressing anti-Nazi views.

The real threat to the Zionists posed by ‘deniers’ is that others might be influenced to undertake further in-depth study and uncover embarrassing facts that would refute Israel’s ‘victim’ status.  This would threaten Israel’s moral legitimacy, underpinned by the world’s supposed, collective  shame for looking the other way.  All it takes to invoke that shame is the term ‘anti-Semite’, either stated or implied.

The previously well-respected British historian, David Irving was first labelled a Neo-Nazi and then jailed for 3 years in the last decade for daring to question ‘official’ holocaust dogma – all at the behest of the Elite, Zionist thought-police through their corrupt and controlled legal and courts systems.  In fact, most such ‘revisionist’ historians are of the opinion that Irving does not go far enough with his questions regarding the validity of the Zionists claims.  Irving merely publicly queried the 6 million number, not the event itself.

“If the Holocaust undoubtedly occurred as alleged, then why are laws needed to support said allegations?  Why not simply confront deniers with facts instead?  Recent court cases in Germany have shown that judges are unwilling (unable?) to present facts; they hide behind ‘Offenkundigkeit’ (obviousness).  Their claim: The Holocaust obviously happened, so there’s no need to substantiate it any further.  In any other trial, ‘obviousness’ would not stand up in court; the defendant is always allowed to present his/her evidence.  One has to also wonder why, if all is ‘obvious,’ this book had to be written?  If the Holocaust has been investigated and evidence exists proving without any doubt that mass murder was committed, then why not present this evidence — why the laws?”  Inconvenient History, 18th February, 2011.

On 13th May 1988 the historian, Professor Ernst Zündel was sentenced by Judge Ronald Thomas of the District Court of Ontario, in Toronto, to nine months in prison for having distributed a revisionist booklet entitled, ‘Did Six Million Really Die?’

 “No-one in the USA was more knowledgeable about the functioning of [penitentiary] gas chambers than Fred A. Leuchter, an engineer from Boston.  I went to visit Leuchter on February 3 and 4, 1988 and found that he had never asked himself any questions about the ‘gas chambers’ in the German camps.  He had simply believed in their existence.  After I began to show him my files, he became aware of the chemical and physical impossibility of the German ‘gassings’ and he agreed to examine our documents in Toronto.


After that, at Zündel’s expense, he left for Poland with a secretary (his wife), a draftsman, a video-cameraman and an interpreter.  He came back and drew up a 192-page report (including appendices).  He also brought back 32 samples taken, on the one hand, from the crematories of Auschwitz and Birkenau at the site of the homicidal ‘gassings’ and, on the other hand, in a disinfection gas chamber at Birkenau.  His conclusion was simple: there had never been any homicidal gassings at Auschwitz, Birkenau, or Majdanek.”  Robert Faurisson, historian

 “After reviewing all of the material and inspecting all of the sites at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, your author finds the evidence as overwhelming.  There were no execution gas chambers at any of these locations.  It is the best engineering opinion of this author that the alleged gas chambers at the inspected sites could not have then been, or now, be utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.” Fred Leuchter 1988, p.33; Leuchter et al 2005, p.57

Dr. Fredrick Töben, an Australian scholar and educator, was taken into custody in Mannheim, Germany on 8th April 1999 and detained without bail, for having disputed holocaust extermination allegations.  Töben is a leading holocaust revisionist writer and publicist in Australia, where he founded and directed the Adelaide Institute, a prominent revisionist research and publishing centre.

At the conclusion of his three-day trial on 10th November 1999, a Mannheim district court found Töben guilty on charges of incitement to racial hatred, insulting the memory of the dead and public denial of genocide, because he had disputed holocaust extermination claims in writings sent to persons in Germany.  Presiding Judge Klaus Kern said that there is no doubt that Töben is guilty of ‘denying the holocaust’ and that because there is no sign that he would relent his views and activities, a prison sentence was required.  The court then sentenced him to ten months imprisonment.

Taking into consideration the seven months he had already served in custody, Judge Kern ruled that Töben could be released on payment of a fine of DM6000 (about US$3500 or £2500) in lieu of the three months remaining of his prison sentence.  German sympathisers raised this money and he was freed within 24 hours of the verdict.

A really disturbing neo-Orwellian by-product of Töben’s imprisonment was that his defence lawyer was also indicted for the same ‘offence’ merely for having the audacity to attempt to defend him.  So, to be clear, apparently not only is it a crime to merely question the supposed ‘truth’ and put forward an opposing viewpoint, it is also by implication now a crime to attempt to legally defend someone who has committed this so-called crime.  Would we condemn the legal defender of a murderer or other criminal in this way as being complicit in their crimes?  Absolutely not.  Truly outrageous I am sure you will agree.

How can a political opinion, especially when backed by factual evidence be treated as a crime in the civilised society in which we are supposed to live?  Sadly, the answer is that we do not live in a civilised society any longer, if indeed we ever have done so.  We exist in a quasi-police state, governed by dupes and shills whose sole aims are to fulfil the whims and orders of their Elite masters whilst totally subjugating its own citizens and eliminating all forms of dissent in any way deemed necessary either within or if necessary, outside the laws of the land.  Even if all these ‘dissenters’ are genuinely mistaken, after rationally considering all the evidence, surely prison is not the answer to so-called ‘thought-crimes’ and differences of opinion.  However, what was good enough for the Nazis….!

Step by step, this is how we are being slowly but surely condemned ultimately to a life of slavery under the Elite, Zionist jackboot.  Amazing is it not how the people who dare to question or speak out against their blatant lies, deceptions, statements, proclamations and motives have somehow become the ‘Nazis’, the ‘terrorists’ or whatever other label they wish to pin on them, thus enabling the guilt to be deflected from themselves onto their detractors and by so doing give them an inside track through to their ultimate goals, virtually unchallenged?  I would suggest that the holocaust, playing the role it was originally designed to play, has been another major leap down the route of fulfilling their sadistic agenda.

However, for the biggest ‘shock to the system’ and de-bunk of all the propaganda and lies disseminated by the Zionists and the Nazis, it is necessary to backtrack a little once again, to the mid-1930s.

The simple truth is that the Zionists in their quest to set-up a Jewish homeland in Palestine were funded covertly by the Nazis.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  Captured SS records after the war documented an agreement between the SS and the Haganah, the forerunner of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).  Under this arrangement the Haganah was permitted to run training camps for Jewish youths inside Germany.  These young people, as well as other Jews driven out of Germany by the Nazis, were financially encouraged to immigrate to Palestine.

Haganah, in return, agreed to provide the SS with intelligence about British activities in Palestine.  Captured German records claim that Haganah’s view was that the increasingly brutal Nazi persecution of the Jews could be turned to Zionist advantage, at least temporarily, by compelling Jewish immigration to Palestine and that the Haganah commander’s sole source of income was by way of secret funds from the SS.  Thus, German brutality against and repression of the Jews was openly encouraged by Zionists.

It is also known that the Nazi regime actually offered all of Europe’s Jews to the Zionist leadership, unharmed on condition that they were re-settled somewhere outside Europe.  For instance, Madagascar was proposed at one stage but this was turned down out of hand by the Zionists on the basis that several million dead Jews would be more likely to fulfil their twisted agenda than several million merely displaced ones.

European Jews were in fact betrayed by the Zionist leadership.  Zionists collaborated with the Nazis to victimise and expel Jews and conspired to manipulate the facts of the holocaust in order to strengthen the case for a Jewish homeland through sympathy for ‘Jewish suffering’.  Furthermore, Zionists in effect were responsible for the creation of Hitler as a ‘bogeyman’ to fulfil the role of the persecutor of the Jews, simply in order to build up a strong case for a Jewish homeland.

The vast majority of German Jews vehemently rejected Zionism as an enemy from within as they saw themselves as Germans, first and foremost.  80,000 German Jews had fought in the trenches of WWI and 12,000 died.  “Nowhere was the opposition of Jews to Zionism so widespread, principled and fierce as in Germany.” a Zionist historian wrote.

In order to manipulate Jews into leaving for Palestine, Germans had to be painted with a racist nationalist ideology just like Zionism and in fact, Julius Streicher and other Nazis admitted that their ‘Master Race’ ideology was modelled on Zionism.  Through their bogus, contrived ‘conflict’, Zionism and Nazism were subsequently able to advance the Elite goal of establishing a private army, secret service and nuclear arsenal in Israel.

Past Jewish suffering at the hands of these Elite-controlled Zionists, exhibits parallels with today.  Their leadership was usurped by Freemasons (ie. Zionism is a Masonic order) bent on sacrificing them to advance the grand plan and now we are all in the same situation.  The banksters today are using debt to disinherit and enslave us.   Bush, Clinton, Obama, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Sarkozy et al are all 33rd degree Freemasons who agreed to assume trillions of dollars of ‘debt’ on behalf of us all, from the Elite masonic banksters who are in reality all working towards the same ends.

A contemporary example of how Zionist symbolism infiltrates and influences almost all of our lives on a daily basis can be seen in the case of the official logo of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Although it cannot be proven beyond doubt that this is another example of our arrogant Zionist leaders mocking the ordinary people of the world as they continue to covertly act against our best interests, I believe there to be a strong chance that this is the case.  People of the ilk of the openly Zionist, Lord Sebastian Coe (former athlete and now the British 2012 Olympics chief) and all senior politicians are merely puppets of the Zionist Elite, lapdogs to their every whim.

If our so-called leaders represented the interests of the ordinary people, they would let banks fail as they did in Iceland and default on all debt created by banksters out of ‘thin air’.  This is a warning to us all and we will continue to be permanently enslaved (and much worse) as long as we continue to elect and accept leaders who are 100% in league with the Elite-Zionists.



The Holocaust – the real truth

Firstly, a short quiz for you:

Question 1.  How many British died in World War II?

Question 2.  How many Americans died in World War II?

Question 3.  How many Germans died in World War II?

Question 4.  How many Russians died in World War II?

Question 5.  How many people died in World War II in total, to the nearest 10 million?

How are you doing so far?  Not too well I suspect.  OK let’s make it a little easier…

Question 6.  How many Jews died in World War II?

So, you scored one out of six then?

How do I know?  Could it be because since as long as all post-war generations can remember, we have had this almost sacred figure of six million dead Jews constantly force-fed to us until it has become indelibly imprinted in our psyche and woven deeply within the very fabric of our culture to such an extent that it has become unthinkable that it may be inaccurate?

“The Western World has been inundated with Holocaust documentaries, Holocaust movies, Holocaust museums, Holocaust books, and Holocaust curriculums.  The aim?  To immunise Jewry and Israel from valid criticism and most conveniently, to obscure the Allied war crimes perpetrated against millions of German civilians.  Perhaps the ‘Holocaust fatigue’ now infecting German youth will create a thirst for what REALLY happened during World War II and an appreciation of their own, factually-substantiated, Holocaust.  And that, ironically to say, will be a very ‘inconvenient’ history lesson for world Jewry.”  Brother Nathanael Kapner, October 2011.

Actually, you were also wrong with your answer to question no. 6.

Six million is quite easily proven as false and this is not just mere supposition or statistical juggling on my part or on the part of any other serious researcher on the topic.  Consider this for a moment:

In the 1950s a plaque was placed at the entrance to the ‘death camp’ at Auschwitz.  Firstly, it categorically stated that 4.1 million Jews died there.  Then some time later it was surreptitiously replaced with one denoting a figure of 2.6 million.  Now, the plaque has been changed again to claim that ‘about 1.5 million’ ‘mainly’ Jews died in Auschwitz and discussions are already being mooted to decide whether or not this figure should be further lowered to around 700,000.  Is it not strange indeed then that these reductions never seem to be deducted from the sacrosanct 6 million total still quoted and treated as indisputable today?  Meticulously administered, independently audited Red Cross figures after the war had ended, stated that around 280,000 European Jews actually perished from all causes including ‘old age’ during the war whilst noting the fact that the Jewish population of Europe actually increased by around half a million between 1939 and 1945.  How strange.  However in the mid-1990s the Red Cross, of course by this time now totally infiltrated and controlled by Zionists anyway, ‘apologised’ for its previous statement.

In answer to question 5 above, although figures vary somewhat, my research has led me to conclude that approximately 65-75 million people in total, lost their lives in this hideous conflict, so it seems incredibly strange to me that we are meant to honour and laud one tiny percentage of that figure and ignore the other 60 or 70 million that died the most futile of deaths in a war waged to secure a Jewish homeland amongst other reasons.  Perhaps all those other people’s lives were not as important?  Yes, that must be the reason.

For well over six decades now, the world has been held under political blackmail with the story of the slaughter of millions of Jews in the gas chambers of the Third Reich and this has received the full treatment of the Zionist propaganda machine, primarily via Hollywood and the media, which still continues to this day in the form of the seemingly endless and  innumerable ‘holocaust’ and WWII movies and documentaries emphasising the suffering of the ‘six million’ and the brutality of the Germans, still being relentlessly churned-out.  Apparently, there are ‘over one million Jewish survivors’ of the death camps still living today (2011), 70 years after the event and still claiming reparations payments from Germany whilst Germany’s own Zionist leadership happily continues to fund them.

From whence did all these ‘millions’ originate when it is known for certain and recorded by several independent and impartial sources that there were only 500,000 Jews in Germany prior to the war and only approximately two million in total in the countries bordering Germany?

In fact this was not the first time that similar ‘holocaust’ stories have been propagated by these people.  There are literally dozens of other examples.  In the Talmud (the Jewish holy book), Gittin 57b claims that four million Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar.  Gittin 57b also claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.  Thirdly and more recently, the precise figure of 6 million saw light of day for the first time shortly after WWI.  “Six million [Jewish] men and women are dying” in the Ukraine, announced The American Hebrew periodical on the 31st October 1919, the very same claim that the Zionists made twenty-odd years later.  It would appear that the tendency for extreme exaggeration, if not downright lies, remains alive and well in certain quarters.

The Zionists actually thought that Israel would become a reality immediately following WWI, due to the Balfour Declaration’s promise of Palestine in exchange for America entering into the war against Germany.  And since Jewish Talmudic prophecy demands that there be a ‘6 million’ holocaust offering prior to the Jews returning to the Promised Land, it was incumbent upon them to fabricate the holocaust in order for the prophecy to materialise.  The Talmud calls for cleansing the ‘chosen souls’ through the sacrifice of ‘6 million’ (that ever-popular figure again) in ‘burning ovens’, since unclean souls could not be allowed to return to the Promised Land.   That alone is the real source of the ‘6 million’ myth, as well as the myth of the ‘ovens.’

However, Britain was unable to deliver Palestine to the Zionists as promised by Arthur Balfour in 1917, since Palestine was still governed by Turkey at this time.  It took another twenty years and another World War to fulfil Balfour’s illegal promise.  The original 6 million lie was allowed to die a silent death once it was realised that the Homeland would have to be postponed, only to be resurrected again during WWII, prior to the entry of America into the conflict.  The exact same claim about 6 million Jews dying was made, as part of the propaganda to once again force America to enter a war in which it had no stake-holding whatsoever.

“Three of the best known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe (New York: Doubleday [Country Life Press], 1948), Winston Churchill’s ‘The Second World War’ (London: Cassell, 6 vols., 1948-1954) and the Mémoires de Guerre de General de Gaulle (Paris: Plon, 3 vols., 1954-1959).  In these three works not the least mention of Nazi gas chambers is to be found.   Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de Guerre is 2,054 pages.  In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers’, a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”  Dr. Robert Faurisson, historian and historical document expert

“It is certain that if there had been ‘killing factories’ in Europe murdering millions of civilians, then the Red Cross, the Pope, humanitarian agencies, the Allied governments, neutral governments and prominent figures such as Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill, Eisenhower and many others would have known about it and would have often and unambiguously mentioned it and condemned it.  They didn’t.  Winston Churchill wrote the six volumes of his monumental work, ‘The Second World War,’ without mentioning a program of mass-murder and genocide.  Maybe it slipped his mind?  Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his memoir ‘Crusade in Europe,’ also failed to mention gas chambers.  Was the weapon used to murder millions of Jews unworthy of a passing reference?  Was the future President being insensitive to Jews?”  Unknown source

Moreover, there are apparently no media references to any ‘holocaust’ of any kind nor radio, film newsreel or newspaper stories until towards the end of the war when the myth had been propagated and was just beginning to gain momentum.  Is it really credible that this supposed heinous act was taking place so openly without the knowledge of the Allies and their vast intelligence network in Europe at that time?  I believe not.  Had it really been happening, the Allied propaganda machine against the Germans would have been cranked-up into overdrive and stories of the atrocities would have been widespread.  Why would the Allies need false stories of German atrocities if there were real ones to be had?  The railway lines to and from the ‘death camps’ would also have been destroyed, especially in the latter stages of the war when the Allies were attacking targets both military and civilian all over Germany and Eastern Europe with impunity and with little danger of retaliatory attacks due to German defences being in total disarray or non-existent.  In fact the transport trains themselves were often the victims of Allied attacks and many Jews died as a result of these.

Auschwitz has become synonymous with the holocaust, as the place of methodical extermination of the Jews.  Such is the power of propaganda that if anything, true or false, is repeated often enough and forcefully enough, it becomes accepted without any real attempt to verify the facts.  Surely ‘they’ would not lie to us on this scale would they?  Errr, yes they would, actually and ‘they’ have done so many, many times over the millennia.

Could such an alleged house-of-horrors as Auschwitz is popularly depicted have been equipped with (for the use of the inmates) a post office, a library, a theatre complete with its own resident orchestra, a hospital staffed by 20 Jewish doctors and 300 nurses complete with an intensive care unit and operating theatre?  There was also a swimming pool where inmate swimming galas were known to have been regularly organised in the summer months and the camp also staged regular soccer matches complete with its own mini-leagues?  There was also a fully-equipped court room for the trial of prisoners accused of misdemeanours.  Strange is it not that the Germans would actually bother with trials when they were supposedly randomly murdering millions of people indiscriminately and without need of a trial?  How about brothels too?  Auschwitz is known to have had a brothel for the inmates staffed by female Jews and as it was illegal and punishable by death for a non-Jewish German to have sexual relations with a Jew, this could hardly have been a facility for the use of the SS guards.  Indeed, they had their own similar ‘facility’ in any event, populated by good Aryan stock.

Are we also supposed to believe that the thousands of babies and children survivors from Auschwitz and other ‘death camps’, would not have immediately been selected for extermination upon arrival at the camp as we are told over and over in Zionist propaganda that the only ones to survive the ‘selection’ process were ones who were able to contribute to the Nazi war effort?  They could hardly have been used as work-horses for the Nazi war machine as were the other survivors, yet many survived.  For example, take the case of Anne Frank of ‘diary’ fame.  She was sent to Bergen-Belsen a so-called ‘death camp’ in late 1944 where she lived for at least two months before finally succumbing to Typhus along with many thousands of others.  As a (by this time) very sickly fifteen year old girl, surely she should not have survived the ‘selection’ process.

Indeed, all the evidence shows that, in fact, a very high percentage of the Jewish inmates were not able to work but nevertheless were not killed.  For example, an internal German telex message dated 4th September 1943, from the chief of the Labour Allocation department of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA), reported that of approximately 25,000 Jewish inmates in Auschwitz, only 3,581 were able to work and that all of the remaining Jewish inmates, some 21,000+ or about 85 percent, were unable to work.

In response to the deaths of many inmates due to disease, especially typhus, the German authorities responsible for the camps ordered firm counter-measures.  The head of the SS camp administration office sent a directive dated 28th December 1942, to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps.  It sharply criticised the high death rate of inmates due to disease and ordered that “…camp physicians must use all means at their disposal to significantly reduce the death rate in the various camps.”  Furthermore, it ordered:  “The camp doctors must supervise more often than in the past the nutrition of the prisoners and, in cooperation with the administration, submit improvement recommendations to the camp commandants … The camp doctors are to see to it that the working conditions at the various labour places are improved as much as possible… The Reichsfuhrer SS [Himmler] has ordered that the death rate absolutely must be reduced.”

Official camp regulations also make it abundantly clear that Auschwitz was not an extermination centre.  They stated:

“New arrivals are to be given a thorough medical examination and if there is any doubt about their health, they must be sent to quarantine for observation. 


Prisoners who report sick must be examined that same day by the camp physician.  If necessary, the physician must transfer the prisoners to a hospital for professional treatment.


The camp physician must regularly inspect the kitchen regarding the preparation of the food and the quality of the food supply.  Any deficiencies that may arise must be reported to the camp commandant.


Special care should be given in the treatment of accidents, in order not to impair the full productivity of the prisoners.


Prisoners who are to be released or transferred must first be brought before the camp physician for medical examination.”


Not exactly what one would expect of a ‘death camp’ is it?  The truth is that Auschwitz-Birkenau was in fact a labour camp (the preserved sign over the entrance is somewhat of a clue, the almost Orwellian – ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ – work makes you free) and included many different races, religions and political persuasions.  There is no dispute that many thousands of people died miserably in Auschwitz and all the other so-called ‘death camps’ before, during and after the war, some possibly even from the alleged callous Nazi experimentation at the hands of the so-called ‘Dr. Death’, Dr. Mengele, but the simple fact is that no-one died in gas chambers.

A problem that always faces any group of people living in unsanitary conditions, severe privation or close confinement is lice and the multitude of diseases they cause.  Auschwitz and the neighbouring camp at Birkenau had a serious outbreak of typhus in the summer of 1942, during which many people died, both inmates and guards.  To contain the outbreak, the ‘gas chambers’ were used for disinfection of the inmates’ clothes using the ‘Zyklon B’ disinfectant.  And towards the end of the war when the German nation was on the point of collapse, the fact that the transportation system was in disarray – as a result incidentally of the Allies indiscriminate carpet-bombing of civilian road and rail transport links, totally contrary to the Geneva Convention – and that no supplies of any kind, neither food nor medical assistance were getting through, only exacerbated the situation.  Hundreds, if not thousands of innocents subsequently died of starvation and hunger-related diseases (on both sides of the divide).

“Mike’s real name was Olitsky and he was a Lithuanian Jew who’d fled into Germany to escape Stalin’s Red Army.  He wound up in Dachau for four years.  He inadvertently introduced me to Holocaust ‘revisionism’ when I ventured to ask him about his experience.  He shrugged and said, ‘It was a factory.  We worked during the day and stayed in a dormitory at night’.  ‘But what about the, uh, the…‘?  ‘The what?’  ‘You know, the killings’.  ‘I never saw any of that’.  Four years in Dachau, never saw any of that?  OK, he did see the US Army ‘liberate’ the camp in April, 1945.  The SS and Alpine troops recuperating there had negotiated surrender to the Americans, who entered the camp and started shooting the guys who thought they were surrendering.  Then the Americans marched the surviving soldiers (all the prison guards had fled days earlier) up to a wall near the hospital and set up a machine gun.  Three hundred and forty-six German soldiers on R&R [rest and recuperation] were slaughtered in a few minutes, five hundred and twenty in all, that morning.”  J. Bruce Campbell, ‘Veterans Today’

I am afraid it is all an elaborate hoax.  We have all been ‘propagandised’ and duped over the decades into believing that 6 million Jews were systematically and brutally exterminated by a Jew-hating race (the Germans) for no other reason than their religion (race).

“Were the Holocaust shown to be a hoax, the number one weapon in Israel’s propaganda armoury would disappear.”  Prof. William Rubinstein, Melbourne University.

The enormity of this utter lie and the abundant evidence available to counter it, is so overwhelmingly huge that I barely know where to start.  However, here are a few simple facts to consider (in no particular order):

Many detailed aerial reconnaissance photographs taken of Auschwitz-Birkenau on several random days in 1944 (during the height of the alleged extermination period there) were made public by the CIA in 1979.  These photos show no trace of piles of corpses, smoking crematoria chimneys or masses of Jews awaiting death, things that have been repeatedly alleged and all of which would have been clearly visible if Auschwitz had been the busy extermination centre it is alleged to have been, despatching thousands of Jews daily.

The Germans were known as an efficient race and indeed still are.  They were the kind of people who meticulously and methodically documented every single action they took.  Why then amongst the hundreds of tonnes of official Nazi documents recovered after the end of the war is there not a single document in existence that even alludes to the ‘final solution’ being a genocide of the Jews?  Could it have been because the Germans destroyed them all before they could fall into Allied hands?  This I believe is highly unlikely.  Surely at least one or two would have evaded destruction as with many other incriminating policy documents that were painstakingly unearthed by the Allies.

Then could it have been because the Germans did not document their policy of genocidal gassings for fear of it being discovered after the war?  Also unlikely in the extreme.  At the time the ‘final solution’ was allegedly proposed at the Wannsee conference in January 1941, the Germans were comfortably winning the war and it is simply unrealistic to assume that they considered that they would ever end up, let alone forward plan for being, on the losing side.  Indeed, war crimes trials were the last thing they would ever consider as there was no such concept until 1946.  War crimes trials had never been utilised to deal with the losers in past wars.  The Nazis had no reason to try to create an illusion for posterity because they thought they were going to be posterity.  They never, ever imagined that they would need to answer to anyone for anything they did and yet are we now supposed to believe that even in 1941 they were planning ahead to a post-war era in which it would be necessary to cover up their actions?

“The ‘Final Solution’ spoken of in the German documents was a program of evacuation, resettlement, and deportation of Jews with the ultimate objective of expulsion from Europe.  During the war, Jews of various nationalities were being moved east, as one stage in this Final Solution.  The legend claims that the movements were mainly for extermination purposes.”  Arthur Butz, ‘The Hoax of the Twentieth Century’.

“If there were documents covering the whole sequence of events, then there would be no such thing as revisionism.  The problem is that the documents one would expect to find do not exist.  We have documents relating to every aspect of the war, including every aspect of the holocaust, except for the gassing of the Jews.  It is not possible to gas six million people, or to do anything else involving millions of people, without leaving a paper trail.  If the gassing happened, there would be thousands of documents to verify it, starting with the planning stages and continuing throughout the course of events.  But no such paper trail exists.”   geniebusters.org

On the contrary in fact, a paper-trail making the whole scenario impossible does exist and more of that shortly.

If there were photographs of the entire sequence of events, including photographs of piles of corpses in gas chambers, then the question would be a non-issue and revisionism would not even be an issue.  That would absolutely and definitively settle the matter immediately.  The problem is that no such pictures exist.  We have photographs of every aspect of World War II, including every aspect of the ‘holocaust’, except for the gassing of the Jews.  There are photographs of Jews being coerced on to the trains, disembarking from the trains, photographs of Jews in the camps and photographs of bodies in mass graves and piled in heaps on the ground (many of which incidentally are the remains of German soldiers and civilians murdered by starvation by the Allies after the war), but there are no photographs at all of anyone being gassed, thus rendering all the other evidence merely circumstantial.  We already know that the Nazis transported thousands of Jews (and others) in cattle wagons and we already know that there were piles of bodies at camps after outbreaks of disease and extreme food shortages.  We also know that Jews were taken to de-lousing facilities and made to undress en-masse, so what exactly do these photographs prove, I would venture to ask?

I recently sat through the full ten hours of the ‘epic’ 1970s, supposedly definitive, but in my view frankly risible, Hollywood docu-drama cum Zionist propaganda-piece ‘Holocaust’, for research purposes – not in a single-sitting I may add, I value my sanity a little more than that.  This abject piece of over-sentimentalised, corny, nonsensical, melodramatic drivel actually ‘won’ no less than eight ‘Emmys’ (TV’s equivalent of ‘Oscars’) – hardly surprising really when we take into account who runs the TV and film industry, I suppose.  Its historical inaccuracies are legion but that does not really matter as it serves its purpose extremely well in aiding the re-writing of modern history and the propagandising of the masses.  Indeed, I would argue that it was this series that was responsible almost single-handedly for the propagandisation of my generation, the so-called ‘baby-boomers’, into all things ‘holocaust’, such was the impact that the programme made upon western society.

In one of the last scenes, at or near the end of the war, the fictional character SS Major Erik Dorf played by the American actor Michael Moriarty, is confronted by his American captors who show him a sequence of photographs depicting the various stages of the supposed extermination process.  Dorf is shown photographs of the Jews being rounded-up, deported on the trains, being ‘selected’ for gassing, being led to the ‘gas chambers’ and undressing, all of which are shown ‘on camera’ and then… whilst his American interrogator is saying ‘being gassed’ the camera immediately cuts from the series of photographs to the horrified face of the Dorf character and then immediately resumes the photographic sequence… bodies being moved to the crematoria etc. etc.  Obviously and unfortunately for them, the Zionist/Jewish producers of this slick piece of propaganda, unsurprisingly as there are none, could not find one single appropriate photograph for this particular part of the alleged event.

What about the thousands (millions?) of eye-witnesses though?  Not only were 6 million Jews supposedly exterminated but there also, even in the second decade of the twenty first century, more than 70 years after the event, seems to be many millions more ‘survivors’ still alive.  Incredible really when there were only probably a maximum of 4 million Jews in the entire continent of Europe in 1939 according to official, audited Red Cross figures.

1) There are also six other important points that need to be made about so-called witnesses to the events. The witnesses are far from consistent in their allegations.  Some witnesses said nothing at all about gas chambers.  For example, Jan Karski wrote a report in the autumn of 1942 in which he stated that he visited the camp at Belzec to investigate rumours of extermination.  He said that Jews were being killed by electrical shocks in a room with a metallic floor and in 1944, he published a book in which he said that the Jews were being loaded into wagons filled with quicklime and left to die outside the camp.  Neither the article nor the book says anything about gas chambers.  And of course, the ‘official’ history of Belzec says nothing about electrical shocks or wagons filled with quicklime.  We are now supposed to believe that the Jews at Belzec were killed in gas chambers but Jan Karski, who was there at the time (so he said), said nothing at all about gas chambers.

2) Many witness testimonies about gas chambers do not stand up to close examination.  For example, one of the most well-known witnesses quoted as an authoritative source is Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, the supposed author of ‘Auschwitz, a Doctor’s Eyewitness Account’.  Dr. Nyiszli did actually exist.  He was a Hungarian doctor who was sent to Birkenau (not Auschwitz), where he worked in the pathology laboratory under the command of the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele.  After the war, he testified at the Nuremburg trials and he died in 1949, his book being published in 1951.  Throughout the book, the author says he was in Auschwitz and that there were four crematoria at Auschwitz.  In fact, there was one crematorium at Auschwitz, and four at Birkenau. Obviously anyone who was there would know that and also they would doubtless know which camp was which.  At the end of the book (page 206), in the section describing the evacuation of Auschwitz in the January of 1945, the author says:

“We left, filled with the feverish sensation of liberation.  Direction: the Birkenau KZ, two kilometres from the crematoriums.”

Dr. Nyiszli certainly did not leave Auschwitz and go in the direction of Birkenau as he was already in Birkenau.  This is one of the most glaring impossibilities in a book full of much impossibility and as a result of this I would strongly suggest that this book was not written by Dr. Nyiszli at all.  It certainly could not have been written by anyone who was there and yet this book is cited by apologists as one of the most authoritative of all witness statements.


3) Witness testimony alone proves nothing.  Suppose a hundred thousand witnesses claim that something happened, does that constitute absolute proof that it happened?  There are probably more than one hundred thousand people who have ‘seen a UFO’ at one time or another in the last fifty years.  Does that prove that flying saucers exist?  Our Elite run and controlled media would say ‘definitely not’ in that example yet there are thousands of people who say they have not only seen UFOs, they have been abducted into them.  They will tell you in vivid detail about their experiences and these people have no obvious motive for lying, unlike holocaust ‘survivors’.

4)  Witnesses can easily be ‘bought’ and influenced by the promise of large amounts of money in the form of ‘holocaust reparations’ and it is my firm view that this is exactly what enticed most of them.  It is also fairly easy to convince someone that an event happened in a certain way and encourage them to link these fictional events to their own experiences.  This will then have the effect of creating a false memory which over time becomes more and more embellished until that person actually believes those events really happened.

5)  To the contrary, many former inmates have confirmed that they saw no evidence of extermination at Auschwitz at all.  For example, an Austrian woman, Maria Vanherwaarden, testified about her camp experiences in a Toronto District Court in March 1988.  She was interned in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942 for having sexual relations with a Polish forced labourer.  On the long train journey to the camp, a gypsy woman told her and the others that they would all be gassed at Auschwitz.  Upon arrival, Maria and the other women were ordered to undress and go into a large concrete room without windows to take a shower.  The terrified women were sure that they were about to die, but then instead of gas, water came out of the shower heads – to their enormous relief.

Auschwitz was certainly no holiday-camp, Maria confirmed.  She witnessed the death of many fellow inmates by hunger and disease, particularly typhus and more than a few committed suicide.  But she saw no evidence at all of mass killings, gassings or of any extermination programme.

A Jewish woman named Marika Frank arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau from Hungary in July 1944, when 25,000 Jews were supposedly being gassed and cremated daily.  She likewise testified after the war that she heard and saw nothing of ‘gas chambers’ during the time she was interned there.  She heard the gassing stories only later, after the war had ended.

Some Auschwitz internees who had served their sentences were even released and returned to their home countries.  If Auschwitz had actually been a top-secret extermination camp, the Germans would certainly not have released inmates who ‘knew’ what was happening in the complex.

6)  Wiesel is one of the most celebrated eye-witnesses to the alleged Holocaust, yet in his supposedly autobiographical book Night, he makes absolutely no mention of gas chambers at all.  He claims instead to have witnessed Jews being burned alive, a story now dismissed by all historians.  Wiesel gives credence to the most absurd stories of other ‘eyewitnesses’ and he spreads fantastic tales of 10,000 Jews sent to their deaths each day in two flaming pits in Buchenwald – one for the adults and another for the children.

… Conventional historians account for the lack of photographs and documents by claiming that the holocaust was so secret that no photographs were ever taken, and no incriminating documents were allowed to exist.  This is supposed to have been true even when the ‘Final Solution’ was in the planning stages, as far back as 1941.  However, Hitler talked about exterminating or annihilating the Jews on many occasions.  For example, here is a sentence from Mein Kampf.  Hitler wrote:

“The nationalisation of our masses will succeed only when, aside from all the positive struggles for the soul of our people, their international poisoners are exterminated.”

So we are supposed to believe that Hitler announced to the world that he would have liked the Jews to be exterminated and yet at the same time went to great lengths to maintain the pretence that they were not being systematically exterminated?  The intention was declared openly, but the action itself was so secret that the Nazis never even discussed it among themselves?  This is abject nonsense akin to clutching at straws I am afraid.

He also said this:

“If at the beginning of the War and during the War twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas, as happened to hundreds of thousands of our very best German workers in the field, the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain.  On the contrary, twelve thousand scoundrels eliminated in time might have saved the lives of millions of Germans, valuable for the future.”

At this point the ‘secret’ was now out.  Having broached the idea of gassing the Jews in Mein Kampf, it would make no sense for Hitler to pretend it was not happening, if he was actually doing it, but there is no other reference to gassing in anything else he ever said or wrote.

There are voluminous records of everything Hitler, Himmler, and the other senior Nazis said in public and much of what they said in private and there is no mention of gassing anywhere, even on occasions when they were talking about getting rid of the Jews.  For example, when Himmler addressed a private meeting of the senior officers of the SS (the Poznan speech), even if he wished to refrain from mentioning gassing publicly, he would have felt free to speak plainly at a private meeting of the SS.  But the fact is that nothing was said about gassing, even though he was discussing the transportation of the Jews to concentration camps. 

The Nazis were certainly not coy about killing people.  They committed atrocities openly and even flaunted it.  There are pictures of Nazi soldiers shooting Jews (and other prisoners) in cold blood and laughing about it and these pictures were not taken surreptitiously by someone else, they were taken by the Nazis themselves, but we are supposed to believe that the gas chambers were so secret that no photographs were ever taken.   Are we also supposed to believe that it would be possible to cover up an action involving six million people or that they would not openly flaunt the fact that the killings were taking place?  Really?

The mechanics of the extermination process are alleged to have been:

A train-load of Jews arrives at Auschwitz railway station or indeed any other alleged ‘death camp’.  They are then immediately separated into two groups, the so-called ‘selection’ of those who are fit for labour and those who are not.  The latter group is led directly to the gas chambers immediately.  Firstly they enter the changing room, where under protest they are told to remove their clothes and leave behind their possessions.  They are then led into another room, which is ‘mocked-up’ to resemble a shower room or a delousing room.  Once in this room, they are locked-in and gassed using Zyklon B granules poured through an open hatch or window in the roof or the top of the wall, the deadly fumes supposedly emanating from the fake shower-heads or even just simply being poured-in directly.  A few moments later the guards enter, hose down the bodies (the last act of any victim of asphyxiation/gassing apparently is to involuntarily defecate and urinate) and then drag the bodies out and take the saturated bodies to the ovens on handcarts to be cremated and immediately make the gas chambers ready for the next batch of victims to keep the ‘conveyer belt’ rolling.

Firstly the commonly described and widely accepted, casual approach to the manual ‘pouring-in’ of Zyklon B granules is utterly risible.  As will be demonstrated later, this dangerous substance, a) once it is stimulated to produce cyanide gas is absolutely and totally deadly and could not safely be handled by anyone using such a casual approach, even whilst wearing a gas mask and b) in order to make the substance unstable enough to begin vapourising, it has to first of all reach the relatively high temperature of at least 26 degrees Celsius (Centigrade) again unachievable by the simple act of pouring directly from a can by hand.

So, if six million Jews were gassed, this scenario must have been repeated thousands of times.  Even being generous, if on average 100 at a time were gassed (a much higher average figure than claimed), this scene must have played-out sixty thousand times at all the different camps, over a period of several years.

Assuming for purposes of illustration of the point that these were split equally over 10 ‘death’ camps, that is six thousand events per camp and over a time period of 3 years (1942-45).  This means that on average at each camp there were 2000 gassings per year of 100 people at a time.  Break these figures down even further and this produces an average figure of 550 people per day, every day, gassed and cremated for 3 years at every single camp.  I submit that this is totally ludicrous in the extreme and such figures if presented as evidence in any impartial court of law would quite rightly be rejected as nonsensical.  In addition, please consider that these figures only take account of the alleged six million Jews and not all the hundreds and thousands, if not millions of non-Jews said to have suffered the same fate but obviously not emphasised to the same extent.

In 1998 Frederick Töben the historian, visited all the major death camps still in existence in order to inspect the facilities and gather information.  He was not alone.  He also took with him, independent scientists and engineers in order to elicit their opinions about the practicalities of the Zionist claims.  In conjunction with his many years of intensive study of documents and eye-witness testimonies he had already concluded that the collaboration between the Zionist leaders and the Nazis had led to the establishment of the camps in the first place as evacuation or emigration would not produce the Zionists desired results ie. the inception of a Jewish homeland.

Concentration camps were not unique to the Nazis, neither were they their invention.  In the Boer War in South Africa, another manufactured conflict at the behest of the Elite banksters, the British occupiers constructed several camps resulting in the deaths of several hundred thousand Boer men, women and children through disease and malnutrition.  Even in WWII, the Americans herded thousands of Japanese-American citizens into camps as did the Australians with their Japanese residents.  The Swiss also had such camps for refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe.

Worse still, in the aftermath of WWI, Poland built several dozen camps to house the ethnic German residents of the formerly German territories they ‘acquired’ as a result of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, many of whom suffered terribly from disease and starvation, resulting in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths of innocents.

However back to the subject in hand, the prisoners of Auschwitz and all its ‘sister’ camps scattered through eastern Germany and eastern Europe, were given rations of 1300-1700 calories per day, according to captured documents and whilst this is nowhere near the standard, modern diet of today especially for those partaking in gruelling physical labour, it is considerably better than the average German citizen received in the last two years of the war.  They were lucky to receive 1000 calories per day and often had to make do with much less.

Töben’s conclusions about the gas chamber scenario may be summarised as follows:

The rooms and buildings named as being those which were used for the executions of millions of people, firstly were easily provable as fakes.  Giveaways such as non-airtight doors, the lack of holes or shafts down which to administer the Zyklon B granules, the lack of any kind of heating equipment to stimulate the emission of the gas, ventilation or extraction systems to deal with the deadly fumes are but a few of the improbabilities, if not downright impossibilities noted by Töben in his research.

For example, are we expected to believe that the gas chamber, open to the public at Auschwitz which is a mere twenty metres from the Commandant’s quarters and the SS dining hall was actually used in anger?  The dangers of this particular arrangement should be apparent to anyone who understands the way hydrogen cyanide gas kills.  Every time the doors were opened, hundreds of cubic metres of deadly fumes would have leaked outside, instantly killing anyone and any other living thing in its path.  There were provably no filtration units to automatically safely disperse or neutralise the ‘used’ gas, either then or now.

The real gas chambers used at Auschwitz, Töben believes were nothing more or less than fumigation chambers for the delousing of clothes and bed sheets.  These are also available for inspection by the public and are placed well away from the inhabited areas of the camp and are fitted, as one would sensibly expect, with all the necessary heating (for the raw granules), pumping and filtration equipment.  However as stated previously, the alleged ‘human’ gas chambers contain no evidence whatsoever of any of this equipment.

Zyklon B was used worldwide in the 1920s, 30s and 40s as a pesticide against rats, fleas and lice.  Its primary reason for being in situ at the camps was to save human lives and not to kill.

After Zyklon B has been used, according to the manufacturer’s own instructions which still survive intact, the room or chamber must be thoroughly aerated for at least 10 hours before entering and gas masks would have been effective for 10 minutes only, before the poison saturated the filters, killing the wearer.  It is also known however, having had access to all supply requisitions, invoices and manifests that there were no gas masks of any kind present at Auschwitz.   Another telling argument against the practicality of its large scale use is that the granules only begin to emit the deadly cyanide gas at a temperature sustained at over 26⁰ Celsius, equivalent to a very hot summer day.  There is no evidence whatsoever that the rooms named as human gas chambers were ever heated at all and Central Europe experiences some bitterly cold winters with temperatures often in double-figures below zero.

Dr. Töben interviewed on film, an Australian expert on crematoria and the disposal of human bodies without actually explaining to him the background reasons for his questions to avoid possibly compromising the answers with pre-existing prejudices of any kind.  The expert maintained several opinions and divulged facts that prove absolutely fatal to the gas chamber myths and legends.

Modern, present day crematoria ovens burn at 800-1000⁰ Celsius (whereas the Auschwitz ovens were probably able to manage around half that temperature with the available technology of 70+ years ago).

One single corpse takes around two hours to burn to ash at this temperature (1000⁰) and even then it does not fully incinerate the bones.  The bones have to be powdered as a further separate exercise.  If the corpse is excessively cold or wet it would take almost twice as long to incinerate.  If two or more corpses were burned together then these times would be increased in ratio.  (Remember that according to the myth, all the bodies were thoroughly hosed-down immediately prior to transportation to the crematoria).

Regarding the oft-cited by so-called eye-witnesses ‘body-burning pits’, simply pouring copious amounts of fuel on a pile of bodies and setting them alight is just simply fiction.  Living and recently deceased bodies contain at least 75% water and this severely impacts on their flammability meaning that witnesses (and there are many, including one of the most feted, Elie Wiesel) who blithely state that they saw the Germans pile thousands of bodies in large pits, liberally dose them with petrol (gasoline) and burn them to ashes in a few hours (some have said 20 minutes!) are nothing less than outright liars and charlatans.

Auschwitz was constructed on extremely wet, marshy land sited as it was at the confluence of three rivers and with an unusually high water table making it impossible to bury bodies in the ground due to the extreme danger of polluting the drinking water, which was extracted from small reservoirs in the surrounding land.  It is this wetland environment that encouraged the proliferation of diseases and the vermin that cause them.  Over 74,000 people, friend and foe were officially recorded as Typhus victims alone at Auschwitz.

It is a well-known scientific principle that a fire needs free oxygen (ie. not oxygen mixed with hydrogen in the form of water) in order to burn and that is one major ingredient that would be completely missing once we go further down than the top-most layer of bodies.  The amount of fuel that would be needed to incinerate one small pit of bodies would probably be considerably more than the entire German army would use in one day, one suspects.  Petrol (gasoline) or indeed any other fuel will always burn itself out long before it has had time to cause combustion in predominantly water-based substances such as human bodies.  And this of course all presupposes that the pits themselves were dry which is of course impossible due to the presence of the aforementioned, abnormally high water-table.  Indeed the whole scenario would be truly laughable were it not so serious a subject.

The crematoria expert also made the point that even in the most fiercely-burning house fires and for example, after an airplane crash, bodies are only superficially charred and not reduced to ash, even after being subjected to direct flames for many hours.

In addition, Ivan Lagace, manager of a large crematorium in Calgary, Canada, testified in court in April 1988 that the Auschwitz cremations story is technically impossible.  The allegation that 10,000 or even 20,000 corpses were burned every day at Auschwitz in the summer of 1944 in crematoria and open pits is ‘simply preposterous’ and ‘beyond the realms of reality’, he declared under oath.

However, another issue fatal to the credibility of this huge improbability is the absolute impossibility of the disposal of all the bodies in crematoria in the time allowed and by the methods deemed to be used.  A single body according to our expert requires 40kg (90 lbs) of coke to incinerate it whilst still leaving the bones to be disposed of separately.  Put another way, one tonne of coke could incinerate 25 bodies.  If the body was damp or wet then it would require as much as double this amount, so the following facts and figures are all absolutely, exceptionally generous, best-case scenarios.

We know how many tonnes of coke were ordered by the quartermasters at Auschwitz because all the invoices and delivery manifests are all still in existence.  The period of greatest consumption of coke was an 8 month period including the winter of 1942-43, where 641 tonnes of coke were ordered and consumed.   641 tonnes of coke is the equivalent of 16,025 cremations, erring grossly on the generous side.  16,000+ cremations in 8 months and this is the busiest period at by far the largest, most prolific camp?  The numbers simply do not stack-up.  These figures, extrapolated over the three years that the alleged gassings took place, would produce a grand total of 72,000 cremations only.  Furthermore, it is known for a fact that the camp’s heating system and food ovens were coke-fired.  These figures account for no coke being set-aside for use in the heating boilers and the food ovens.

Also, generously assuming that the Zionist-quoted death figures are correct, how were the literally millions of unburned bones destroyed?  There is no evidence whatsoever of any machinery designed to perform this task nor is there any evidence of the requisitioning or delivery of such a machine.

Furthermore, as proof of the reluctance of even bone-dry substances to burn freely and easily, Dr. Töben enlisted the services of a skilled pyrotechnic expert in order to try to replicate, albeit on a much smaller scale, the body-burning pits alleged to have been in use at Auschwitz.  A small drypit was dug – around 0.5 cubic metres in size and in it were placed 4 dry normal size telephone books one on top of the other.  A fire was then set using a liberal amount of a mixture of methylated spirits and highly flammable oil.  The fire burned quite strongly for about 10 minutes then slowly petered-out.  When the pit contents were then examined it could be seen that the top 10% only of the top book had burned, but even then only around the very edges.  When the pages were fully opened, the middle portions were entirely untouched by fire.  So, another attempt was made, this time the proportional equivalent of 1500 litres (totally impossible at Auschwitz) was used and the fire indeed became a raging inferno, albeit a relatively small one.  Twenty minutes passed and again the fire burned itself out.  Even with the air able to circulate freely, less than half of the top book was burned and again the bottom three books remained virtually untouched apart from the exposed edges which were slightly scorched – and all this please remember, was dry paper under totally dry conditions.  Wet bodies upon wet bodies in wet earth would have no chance whatsoever of burning to ashes.

Töben also set-up another experiment, again on film, whereby two volunteers were locked in a tiny room about the size of a small garden shed, complete with a stone surface, upon which a generous amount of hydrogen cyanide (exactly like Zyklon B) granules were manually poured – mere inches from their exposed faces.  They wore no protective clothing, no gas masks of any kind and were locked in the room for a total of two hours.  The room was then unlocked and they casually walked out, laughing and talking as normal.  How is this possible?  It is easily possible when the ambient room temperature is maintained at less than 26⁰ Centigrade.

The granules are only stimulated to produce the deadly gas once this critical temperature is attained.  Until that specific point, the granules are entirely harmless and as the volunteers knew that this temperature would not be reached, they were perfectly happy to take part.

However, let the last words on the subject be these from P. Samuel Foner in ‘The Spotlight’, Volume XIX No. 2, 31st May 2004:

“In a dramatic and unprecedented videotaped interview, Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum admitted on camera that ‘Krema 1,’ the alleged ‘homicidal gas chamber’ shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, was, in fact, fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union – apparently on the direct orders of Josef Stalin.


What Piper said – in effect and on camera – was that the explosive 1988 Leuchter Report was correct: no homicidal gassings took place in the buildings designated as ‘homicidal gas chambers’ at Auschwitz.


With this admission by none other than the respected head of the Auschwitz State Museum, one of the most sacred ‘facts’ of history has been destroyed.  This ‘gas chamber’ is the major historical ‘fact’ on which much of the foreign and domestic policies of all Western nations since WWII is based.


It is the basis for the $100+ billion in foreign aid the United States has poured into the state of Israel since its inception in 1948 – amounting to $16,500 for every man, woman and child in the Jewish state and billions more paid by Germany in ‘reparations’ – not to mention the constructing of Israel’s national telephone, electrical and rail systems…all gifts of the German people.  It is the basis for the $10 billion ‘loan’ (read ‘gift’) made to Israel for housing its immigrants in the occupied territories… while Americans sleep on the streets and businesses are bankrupted by the thousands.  As of 2004, not a single ‘loan’ of US tax money made to the state of Israel by Washington has ever been paid back.


Germany is paying ‘reparations’ – the United States is making major contributions – to atone for the ‘gassings at Auschwitz’ and elsewhere.  If the ‘homicidal gas chambers’ were post-war creations of the Soviets, in which no one was gassed regardless of race, creed, colour or country of national origin, then these ‘reparations’ were unnecessary, and were based on fraud. 

The videotape on which Dr. Piper makes his revelations was made in mid-1992 by a young Jewish investigator, David Cole and follows 12 years of intensive investigation by dozens of historians, journalists and scientists who have tried to get to the bottom of what really happened at Auschwitz.


Like most Americans, since his youth, Cole had been instructed in the ‘irrefutable fact’ that mass homicidal gassings had taken place at Auschwitz.  The number of those executed – also declared irrefutable – was 4.1 million.


Then came the Leuchter Report in 1988 which was followed with an official ‘re-evaluation’ of the total deaths at Auschwitz (down to 1.5 million).  As a budding historian – and a Jew – Cole was intrigued.


Previous to 1992, anyone who publicly doubted or questioned the official 4.1 million ‘gassing’ deaths at Auschwitz was labelled an anti-Semite or neo-Nazi at the very least. Quietly, because of revisionist findings, the official figure was lowered to 1.5 million.  No mention was made of the missing 2.6 million.


The Cole videotape interview proves that the people who run the Auschwitz State Museum had made a practice of fabricating ‘proofs’ of homicidal gassings.  Keep in mind that over the years millions of tourists have been told that ‘Krema 1′ is in its original state, while officials knew that ‘original state’ is a lie.


The political, religious, financial and historical ramifications of this proof of no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz cannot be measured.  Coupled with the Leuchter Report, the Cole interview with Dr. Piper on videotape proves that what Western governments have taught about the Auschwitz gas chambers since WWII is a lie.  It proves that what televangelists such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have been telling their flocks is simply not true.


No one, regardless of race, creed, colour or country of national origin was gassed to death in any building so designated at Auschwitz.  And without ‘homicidal gas chambers’ at Auschwitz, where is the reasoning for the special treatment of the state of Israel?”

Suffice to say that David Cole has been in hiding, in fear of his life for the past, almost 20 years, labelled by the Zionists, as is their custom in these circumstances as a ‘self-hating Jew’.

I now rest my case on this issue.

Holocaust or holohoax? You decide.


14 thoughts on “Holocaust or Holohoax 01 : Chris Spivey UK website

  1. Having read this I believed it was really informative.

    I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this information together.
    I once again find myself personally spending
    a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments.

    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  2. Great site! Ashkenaz was the grandson of Japheth and not Noah’s middle son, Shem. Therefore they are not Semites (Shemites) nor are they in the lineage of Jacob/Israel. Gen 10:3

  3. The Best Holocaust Denial Videos
    Website that was removed and changed to this one
    The Jews want these videos flagged


    One Third The Holocaust

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    Jim Rizolis Videos many Holocaust related
    Holocaust Books

  4. you don’t name/shame any of these mysterious Zionist leaders, perhaps since you have so much time on your hands to conjure ridiculous conspiracy theories you ought to validate your time/effort..? Vague nonsense. Silly pernicious man.

    • Personally I have spent the last three years of my life researching passionately history of religions, historical data and government of all humanity but especially the US. All the collected information about the Jews and their purported Holohoax and this is what it is for this was all founded upon lies and the brainwashing of humanity across all annals of time, is valid RESEARCH based upon credible sources such as eye witness which survived that period of time. Do not attempt to disrespect and thwart the truth about the evil enclave of Jews who control the Vatican and every aspect of our lives especially Banking and the halls of the US Congress for this highly respected man has researched well and his data collected is based upon valid and solid resources from the annals of time. He listed the names of leaders and their generations of mankind who suffered due to the evil Elites and Jews who controlled the dynamics of our government and masses of people using false religion. Everyone needs to do their own research and this collection of historical facts are second to none covering the evil minds and evil deeds done by Jews to humanity for greed and control of banking sector and power over others. Indeed the information gathered for all to read here took immense amount of time and money so that all would benefit by knowing the truth about the evil Jews and genocide committed against humanity. The Jewry continues today their atrocities and stranglehold upon the public sector and all governments. Israel is the world’s number one terrorist organization, proven fact. This article and information listed here is a perfect place for anyone to begin their research for every word contained herein is the irrefutable, undeniable, factual TRUTH. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I pray this information is available to one and all of Gods children for everyone deserves to know the TRUTH about the history of mankind both past and present. So pull up a chair, get comfortable and enjoy reading where we have been in life, both good and bad. Embrace the TRUTH always and never look the other way when we should be looking Satan dead in the eye. I personally thank you for taking the time to understand the TRUTH so that you could share it with others.

  5. I’ve been researching the topic for the last 20 yrs and now feel I have a pretty good knowledge of what happened. Today there is plenty of revisionist material out there to prove the HoloHoax case. The problem is the censorship and outright lies spread by the exterminationist who want to continue their lie. They are not happy with what we are doing.
    Some great sites to expose the lie are Holocausthoaxmuseum.com, whatreallyhappened.info,
    vho.org, ihr.org, and just doing searches for Holocaust lies, HoloHoax and all those type of terms.
    Pandora’s box has been opened and the Jews are having a heck of a time closing it. But they are working hard to close it.
    I had 4 cable shows exposing the Holocaust on my local cable station but the Jews made sure they had them shut down, and my youtube videos are continually being attacked and taken down.
    Be it as it may, we continue on exposing the lie and are thankful for sites like this that have the courage to continue to do so.

    No surrender!
    Jim Rizoli on facebook
    RizoliTV on youtube for now until they take that site down.
    Just do a search for my name I have hundreds of videos up exposing the HoloHoax.

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  7. Hi. I’ve only recently learned of revisionists claims, and I find the information very interesting. I wish to look into this further, as I have additional queries and do not take anything at face value, but do not know how to dig further. My additional queries relate to why others, aside from the Jewish people, were placed in the camps (Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and those with physical and mental disabilities). I’d also like to know more about the claims of Josef Mengele and his experiments. Can you offer direction on how to look into the above further? Thank you.

  8. I wish you could provide citations for your ridiculous “article”. You like to pretend you are some Aryan savior, but what you are is just another sad wretch who would have been gassed with all the other “asocials”.

    Do the world a favor and cut your hands off

  9. If we as the White Race want to have a chance to survive the white genocide, we must tackle the lies, that leads to (false) white guilt. This guilt hinders our natural survival instinct. So put the truth out there.

    Please do, what you can. How to spread the word, can be seen on the paper up picture. Our race needs us!

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