As with all British School Children I was brought up to believe that 6 million jews were murdered by Hitler, and as a result there could be no White countries in the future and the jews were entitled to Israel as a safe have from Whites. You may wonder why the jews would need a safe haven if there weren’t to be White countries in the future.

However with more and more questions starting to rise about the holocaust, and questioning the holocaust being such a serious crime in large parts of the World, we decided to dedicate a blog to the People who question the official holocaust narrative.

Do not read this blog if you are offended by homophobia, racism , anti-semitisim , islamophobia, male chauvanism or holocaust-denial.

Do not read this blog if you are the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, Special Branch or MI5.

Please note: The views contained in this blog are illegal to own, discuss or transmit in any form in Austria , Belgium , Bosnia , Czech Republic , France , Germany , Hungary , Israel , Lichtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Spain , Switzerland and can result in up to 20 years in prison. In other parts of the World they are merely highly offensive.

Do not read this blog if you are under 18.

If you do put any of my articles on your site/blog please credit them to the correct author – if unnamed credit to “cigpapers”. At your own legal risk.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. If we as the White Race want to have a chance to survive the white genocide, we must tackle the lies, that leads to (false) white guilt. This guilt hinders our natural survival instinct. So put the truth out there.

    Please do, what you can. How to spread the word, can be seen on the paper up picture. Our race needs us!

  2. The mere fact that the Jews made it illegal for anyone to actually discuss, dispute, or investigate their claim in multiple countries is proof enough that it is a sham. The burden of proof would lie on them, so they just oppress anyone who questions it. Anyone who is a bluepilled cuck should just imagine if the NS party really was so evil and Germany had won the war, they would have done something similar, hypothetically.
    Of course, there is no evidence for that, either, but it might help free some people from their mental prisons. Imagine if I said you murdered the neighbor girl, and you said, “no, I didn’t!” and I just called you a “neighbor-girl-murder denier.” It’s a nonsense charge, it has a nonsense assertion of proof, and absolutely zero legitimacy.
    Of course, if you don’t like that argument, then you’re guilty of murder too, lol. But hey, cucks are gonna cuck, amirite?

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